Who we are

Vacuum Tubes Treasures was born from the passion and interest of an electronic expert for the fascinating world of Dynaco equipment and Vintage audio tubes. Over time, this passion has marked an unconditional love for vintage valves, which still today, little by little, allow small and large construction details to emerge almost confidentially, marvels of engineering, which with the advent of semiconductors were almost forget. We are constantly researching and selecting these precious and rare electronic components to offer you the best in stereophonic reproduction, because an amplifier with the right valves restores the "breath" of music, guides the emotions of the listener and crosses their soul. Over the years, we have capitalized on our experiences and made them available to enthusiasts with the tubes we select. What we have collected are emotions, the emotions of those who believed in us, preserving them one tube at a time, trying to give you the music you are looking for.
The articles published on our shop are only excellent Vintage Old Stock products, carefully tested and sorted, for an uncompromising listening experience.
However, there is more that is dear to us and that we would like share with you....
The world we live in....
Sustainability and packaging are two topics that travel together and have always been dear to us. From material savings through the simplification of the packaging, to the possibility of using more recycled material as a filler and facilitating recycling activities after use. A sustainable packaging tells the philosophy and the role that our products want to play in people's lives but also in the environment.
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